Information on musical entertains coming in the new year.


Registered Musicians List and Show Times:


Please Note - all times for entertainers are approximate only.


Callander Legion Branch # 445 Pipe Band, will walk the dignitaries from 252 Clark (Firehall)  to the 492 Main Street Stage.

 9:45-10:00 am

Opening Ceremonies and Dignitary Pancake Toss - Dignitaries will be led from 250 Clark Street to the stage at 492 Main Street by the Callander Legion Branch #445 Pipe Band

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 10:00-10:45 am

“GIBBINGS FAMILY BAND” … “GFB” Family” - Left to Right - Greg, Dick, Kathie, Don & Rich.

Performing Together Since 1982 & Still Going Strong 2024!

Playing Music for over 42 years and delighting audiences is as natural to the “Gibbings Family” Band as breathing. Don, Rich, Greg, Kathie/sister Gibbings-Stewart were surrounded by their father Dick’s music from the moment they were born and were soon adding their own vocals and musical stylings to his, creating a sound that combines a Variety of Musical selections. comprised of Country, Pop, Rock-n-Roll, 60’s,70’s,80’s +, featuring Fiddle, square dancing/if you have a Caller etc., to bring the audience to its Feet, Clapping hands, Tapping Toes, Dancing & Singing Along. Truly a sight to see & Enjoyed by ALL ages.

Listening to the “Gibbings Family” Band, whether on stage at Fairs, Festivals, Concerts, Fund Raisers, Nursing Homes, Dances or during Special Performances and Weddings the easy banter and quick whit that comes automatically when this group appears together makes you feel that you’re part of the “Family” and ensures that every audience leaves with a Smile on their face and a Song in their heart.

“MUSIC” is just what we do” says Patriarch Dick. “It’s the glue that holds the “Family” together and the Spirit that makes the good times great and the bad times bearable”.

For nearly 40+ years, since the children were barely old enough to hold a guitar or Kathie to reach the keyboard, this family has been performing, first locally, then North Bay & surrounding Areas and then across the Province. The Band’s reputation for strong musical stylings and vocalizations combined with their easy going on stage presentation makes the “Gibbings Family” winners with audiences of all ages and in all performance venues.

The ”GFB” Family’s reputation for always leaving you wanting more, has garnered fans from across the province & beyond, & their dedication to supporting young up & coming musicians & singers has made them an integral part of “Canadian Music Industry”. Being recognized everywhere & from in past years.

Inviting the “Gibbings Family” Band to be part of your next attractions or event IS a sure fire Guarantee that everyone attending will enjoy the day or evening of great Musical Entertainment and feel part of this Unique groups warm & loving “Family” camaraderie.  *Some members also belong in other Bands.

FEATURES: Dick/dad Peddle Steel Guitar, dobra & Fiddle. Sons’ Don eldest, Lead Guitar, Fiddle & Vocals, Rich 2nd., Drums & Vocals, Greg 3rd., Bass & Vocals, Daughter Kathie Gibbings-Stewart Piano & Vocals. Monika/mom is Manager. This rounds out the Unique “Gibbings Family” originally All from Powassan, Ont., Still some members travel from near & far, e.g. Kathie, Aurora, Rich, Phelpston, Greg, Alliston, Ont.

*CKAT: Dr. Bert Brandon LOVED the “GFB” & Always played our CD “Influences “Lord I hope this Day is Good” on the air.*“GFB” have auditioned/performed at Stoppin’ Tom Connors Res, in Erin, Ont., *2013 Inducted into “Nipissing Country Music Hall of Fame” 2013 Dick Gibbings was Inducted at Sault  Ste., Marie, Ont., in the“Northern Ont. ,Country Music Association Opry”, Don Gibbings 2018.  February 2024 - "The Gibbings Family" were "HONOURED" to have been Nominated to go into the "NORTH BAY HALL OF RECOGNITION".  Fingers crossed... Sorry "NO" News to date as of Powassan Maple Syrup Festival.

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 10:45-11:45 and 2:30-3:30

Davey Meloy - Powassan's Fireman. 

Special Guest Appearance with the Gibbings Family Band.

Davey Meloy is a multi-faceted, multi instrumentalist who makes sure everyone has a good time and feels like family.  He has opened for award winning songwriters and continues to entertain his audiences with humour, stories and requests by the dozen.



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 11:50 - 12:35

The Bluez Brotherz Show Band and Revue

The Bluez Brotherz are thrilled to have been offered a return booking to the Powassan Maple Syrup Festival!  This event is truly our favourite one!  The warm and friendly reception makes it all worthwhile.  We look forward to all the clapping, singing along and dancing!  The band has been playing events such as festivals, nightclubs, fundraisers and private functions, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and backyard parties for 23 years with no sign of slowing down.  It's TOO MUCH FUN!  The band runs as a duo, a 5-6 or 7 piece and the deluxe 10 piece pacakge, to suit any event.  At this year's POWASSAN MAPLE SYRUP FESTIVAL, we will be featuring 2 special "MYSTERY GUESTS".  We can hardly wait to see you all!!  Spreading the FEEL GOOD, one show at a time ....

 12:55 - 2:15

Gord Reid (Busker)

Originally from Nova Scotia, Gord began singing and writing during his time serving with the Canadian Forces.  His rich baritone voice and East Coast charm add a unique twist to popular classics and current hits.  Gord will be located across from Oshells on Main St.S.


Josh Dimmel (Busker) is a rock musician from Northern Ontario.  He's been performing for two decades, written countless orignals, learned numerous covers, performed at bars, festivals, events, partiesa nd so much more!!

He's recorded multiple songs and his music has hit multiple radio stations.  He currently performs and records his own music and he's in a recording project called "Bandhole".  He lives off of one quote he created:  "Enter Undiscovered & Leave with an Impact"




Jack the Juggler (Busker)

I'm Jack the Juggler, a 17 yar old juggler who has been juggling since the age of 9.  I juggle at places like the North Bay Farmer's Market and the Rosseau Farmer's Market.  I can perform with up to 9 balls, 7 rings (only if it is indoors) or 4 clubs.  I have done 12 balls, 9 rings and 5 clubs in practice before.  I will be busking at the festival - hope to see you !!  Jack will be located on the corner of Main and Clark St.


Lynn Blunt (Busker)

Lynn Blunt is a singer/songwriter from North Bay, Ontario and is proud of her Dutch and French Canadian roots.  She believes they have both contributed to her love of music and storytelling.  She performs both original and cover songs, accompanying herself on the guitar.

The warm tones in Lynn's voice allows her to carry us along in her stories and transport us to another place and time - a journey through life and love.  Audience members are touched with the heartfelt words in her original songs and how easily they can relate to the stories and characters.  

During COVID Lynn wrote and recorded two self-funded albums of original music, with availability to the public on CDs and online streaming services. /